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I've been trying to train a style-gan2 network using a custom dataset. Unfortunately the server I'm currently running the computations on is somewhat unstable, causing it to crash after three days of
I'm using the code from github The demo code show 25 generated image in one single image file. But I want to print every image in
I would like to use style transfer (example) in CoreML. Since CoreML support converting Keras my first thought was to convert one of their samples like this one or this one but it seems there's few...
I'm trying to work with a simple Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) based on this code. The example of GAN in that code is using the MNIST dataset # Load the dataset (X_train, _), (_, _) = mnist.
I'm trying to run the code about GAN in this link with my own dataset in Colab. For this, I need to load my own dataset like in the next line (X_train, _), (_, _) = mnist.load_data() I know this
I have looked at some code/tutorials (tutorial: 1 and 2) for implementing a GAN in Keras. Both do batch training as follows: for epoch in range(epochs): # --------------------- # Train
I'm running this github project: the second step says 2. Run the training script with python train_gan. but when I run the file I get: /usr/local/bin/
I am trying to practice the exercise questions in this style transfer tutorial, is there anyone know how to replace the basic gradient descent with Adam Optimizer. I think these code maybe the plac...
i read a paper about detecting deepfaked video by LSTM but deepfake model is trained by GAN so how about using LSTM detective as discriminator of GAN then it will be possible to deceive LSTM detective
I am trying to transfer ownership for a repository using PowerShell. This is how it looks my JSON: $owner ='x' $project ='test' $transfer = '{ "new_owner": "xyz" }'


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