Executing map reduce using hadoop streaming through php


I have the following script :

$a =isset($_POST['text'])?$_POST['text']:'not yet';
$comm='/usr/local/hadoop/bin/hadoop jar /usr/local/hadoop/contrib/streaming/hadoop-*streaming*.jar -mapper "/usr/bin/python /var/www/DataMining/AnalysisByYear/AnalysisByYear_mapper.py '.$a.'" -reducer "/usr/bin/python /var/www/DataMining/AnalysisByYear/AnalysisByYear_reducer.py" -input /user/hduser/dataset/final_eval.txt -output /user/hduser/dataset-outputyear';
$comm1='/usr/local/hadoop/bin/hadoop dfs -copyToLocal /user/hduser/dataset-outputyear/part-00000 /var/www/year.txt';
$file = '/var/www/year.txt';
$contents = file($file); 
$string = implode($contents);
echo $string;

I am trying to execute the $comm and $comm1 commands through shell via php . However I am not getting any result.Please help

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Copyright License:Reproduced under the CC 4.0 BY-SA copyright license with link to original source & disclaimer.